« you don't hate barcelona? (also manchester isn't a cool city so) » — Anonymous

Oh trust me I do! fun fact: my sister used to live in barcelona for a certain amount of time and she tried everything to get me to come visit but I refused to lmao. 

Also why I just tagged ‘manchester’ in that text post was because at the time I reblogged it I was talking about manchester with a friend that was there for the weekend :)

« how come you hate united/city? this isnt an indignant "how dare you hold an opinion!!!" i dont love them either but im curious » — Anonymous

I don’t necessarily /hate/ city but I’m a liverpool supporter and united has been our rivals since forever so

Cayendo (Original Mix) - Deorro feat. Tess Marie


"how to let a sports team make you hate an entire city even if its a cool city" a novel by me

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You’re a crazy person, Jess! You drive me nuts, Miller!

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"When you’ve lived in someone’s shadow for a long time, you can get used to it. You have to. Especially when it’s someone who’s so perfect and so beautiful. We accept that some birds are high flying birds, and other birds are not, but that doesn’t mean they can’t fly together.”
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@ddlovato: 😘❤💋

@ddlovato: 😘❤💋

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Tell her how it really goes down in apartment 4D!

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